Sunday readings

Readings at the Sunday Eucharist


Reading at lectern

Our readings at the Holy Eucharist on Sundays follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which is the most widely followed sequence of readings, broadly uniting us with our brothers and sisters throughout the Anglican Communion, in the Roman Catholic Church and in many of the free churches.

It is good to know that we follow a journey through Scripture which has broad ecumenical consensus.

The lectionary follows a cycle of three years – Year A the Gospel according to St Matthew, Year B the Gospel according to St Mark and Year C the Gospel according to St Luke.  Readings from St John’s Gospel are interspersed throughout the three years, but particularly so in Year C, the year of Mark, since Mark’s is the shortest Gospel.

The version of the Bible we used at Emmanuel is the New Revised Standard Version, which is the version most widely used throughout the Church of England and many other churches.

To find the Readings at the Eucharist on any given Sunday, please click on this link which takes you to a helpful table set out by the Episcopal Church in the United States of America.

Where there are two tracks given, we use Track 2