Fellowship groups

Fellowship groups @ Emmanuel


KoinoniaAt Emmanuel, we are totally committed to inclusivity, with our strap line


“Radical hospitality to all

Infinite respect to one another”


Everyone is warmly welcome at our services and activities, irrespective of race, age, gender, physical ability, way of life or sexual orientation. Yet we also realise there is the need for particular times and opportunities for various constituencies from our diverse congregation to do things in their own way. This is why there are particular groups at Emmanuel throughout the year which bring people together in a particular way:



Women’s Group

A group for the wonderful women of Emmanuel


Men’s Group

A group for the equally wonderful men of Emmanuel


Monthly Midweek Fellowship

A group for our wonderful senior members which meets for a light lunch and discussion following a celebration of the Holy Eucharist – usually on the first Wednesday of each month at 1230.


Emmanuel Youth

We will be launching a new youth group for the wonderful young people of the parish when our Building Project is complete.  The name for this group is currently being creatively decided upon by the young people of the parish and they will disclose this in due course..!